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Stevenage is the ancient feudal right to other people?s children?s presents on Boxing Day.

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Plant or animal?

How to tell? If the usual care and maintenance of the specimen involves hacking bits off, and those bits are of the same material as the trunk, then it is probably a plant.

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Sharpening the marrows

Setting aside the problem of which animal would eat courgettes or marrows, though perhaps eventually the marrow explodes like a whale on the beach and disseminates (intransitive) over a wide area, I wonder how the beast?s sensitive mouthparts, I am … Continue reading

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97% mackerel

The mackerel looked at itself in the mirror, except, being a mackerel it didn’t see itself, only a fish. The personal grooming industry has had very little success with mackerel.

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Ten famous Belgians

Here?s an odd thing: the intended implication of ?Can you name ten famous Belgians?? is always one of the supposed shortcomings of a small country with a comic name. But I always hear it as ?I?m so incurious, ill-read and … Continue reading

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Modern television

There?s an ITV1 HD. Is there an ITV1 Ezra Pound?

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Ezura Paundo

Even in Ezura Uesuton Ruumisu Paundo I can?t find ten yen (jyuu en) let alone anything that looks even a bit like a picture of a phallus.

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