The opera-a-week challenge

New game for 2014: see an opera a week.

Some rules spring to mind:

  1. Cinema showings and DVDs count, but CDs don’t.
  2. Concert and semi-staged performances count.
  3. Plays in Ancient Greek count.
  4. Musicals don’t count.
  5. Carmen is an opera for the purposes of this exercise.
  6. Performing in an opera counts.
  7. You need to see 52 operas over the course of the year, with no more than a month between any viewings.
  8. Different stagings of the same opera count. For example this year I saw?Peter Grimes?at the Arts Picturehouse and in a concert performance, which would both count, but going to two showings at the cinema or two concert performances would only count once.
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