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The universal grindr

(1a) Nigel likes cock. (1b) ?Nigel likes a cock. Do you know about grinding? I know about grinding. Grinding is taking a count noun, say, “chicken” or “fir”, and instead of saying “two chickens” or “three firs” saying “some chicken” … Continue reading

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Maybe we could start seeing France again?

I saw the headline for this post and briefly thought “Infidelity Plus” was a new option on the independence referendum.

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At last the Go-on show

??, (goon in Japanese, two syllables) or if you’re reading this without the correct fonts installed,???, is usually glossed on the web as “Wu dynasty reading”. The background here is that there isn’t just a difference in written Japanese between … Continue reading

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Remote censoring

I don’t want to watch much of the stuff the BBFC classifies, and nor, I suspect, do the people who work for the BBFC. Surely, I thought, we could get a machine to do this? There won’t be much chance … Continue reading

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Norfolk. Norfolk.

I have been contemplating the difference between dressing like Margaret Thatcher, dressing as Margaret Thatcher, and dressing up as Margaret Thatcher, all thanks to a letter in the Evening Standard from Liz Truss MP. I didn’t want to do that, … Continue reading

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