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Crunchy onions

I refactored a risotto. Reasoning that I didn’t have much time, and that the two rate-determining steps are the softening of the onions and the uptake of the stock by the rice, I set those processes running in parallel and … Continue reading

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I keep thinking U+0E00 onwards is the private use area

I’ve complained previously about Google’s romanization of Thai, which is hopeless and looks like this: M?w n??ng xy?? bn m? th?hi w and the RTGS transcription doesn’t mark tone. I can’t really experiment much more with someone else’s machine translation … Continue reading

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??? / ?????? / ???

Octopuses, being able to see the future, are keenly aware of the transience of things. I think natsu no tsuki on the last line is a reference to a football.

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From the engineers who brought you the cogs on the two pound coin

I see the visual identity for the 2011 census is an origami bus with octagonal wheels.

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Men and women

I’ve been pasting Classical Chinese poetry into Google Translate to get the Pinyin out. The translation is sometimes OK in parts, if it’s of a chengyu, which is to say a four-character classical tag, but often it’s gibberish. ?, which … Continue reading

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Nothing to hide

The ASBO is being replaced by the gang injunction. No longer can you have criminal offences hand-crafted for you personally, like a criminal offence of staring out the window, going near a river, or standing in the garden in your … Continue reading

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