Look… (recently in the LRB). I think I might start sentences with “Look…” when I’m very annoyed, and “So…” otherwise.

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  1. HTFB says:

    “Look” introduces a premise; “So”, a conclusion.

  2. smallbeds says:

    @htfb [applause]

    I think there’s different types of “So,” with varying comma strengths from weak-mandarin to strong-LiveJournal. But there’s only one type of “Look…” and I’d like to know where Tony Blair got it from.

    At my school there was a teacher who used to tell people off in a patronisingly precise way. I think he thought it was meant to hint at a scarcely hidden rage, but it ended up as actual evidence of a scarcely hidden rage. He’d begin with “Now, look,” follow it with your name, and then try to tear a strip off you.

    Whenever I picture him, the image springs into motion and says: “Now, look, Alobeidi….” It was always Alobeidi. I think he was a mental.

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