Short words in North S?mi

You can form questions by putting the verb at the beginning of the sentence and adding -go. ja is “and”, ahte is a subordinator, ii is “is not”, dat is “it”, dan is “its”, juos is “if”, I think.

More on this in due course.


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  1. ja: cognate with gothic

    • Of course that should be “cognate with gothic ‘jah'”, only as spelled at – something seems to have lost the gothic characters, at least as displayed here.

      • colin says:

        Ah. Gothic is in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane, which might account for MySQL or WordPress eating them.

        (It shouldn’t, as it’s UTF-8, but maybe there’s a handrolled UTF-8 converter somewhere in there, given that PHP didn’t handle UTF-8 for ages.)

    • colin says:

      I don’t think North S?mi and Gothic share a common ancestor we know about, so I don’t think we can say they’re cognates. It might be a borrowing.

      • Oh, yes, that?s just me being ignorant of the properly narrow definition of ?cognate?, I didn?t mean to imply a common ancestor. At any rate I hear that the word is similar in modern Finnish too.

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